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Find Your Prescriptions with Ease

Cliff & Clove: The easy and secure app to check prescription availability at nearby pharmacies.

Why Use Cliff & Clove


Easily find which pharmacies have your prescriptions in stock, saving you time and effort.


Never worry about shortages again with our secure app that ensures you always have access to the medicines you need.

Peace of Mind

Take care of your health and your family's health without the stress of searching for available medications.


See what people are saying

I have been using Cliff & Clove's Prescription Availability finder for a few months now, and it has been a lifesaver. I no longer have to waste time going from one pharmacy to another, hoping they have the medicine I need. This app is a game-changer!
Ervin Howell Headshot
Ervin Howell, Manager, Chick-fil-A
Cliff & Clove has made finding my prescriptions so much easier. The app is user-friendly and provides accurate information on which pharmacies have my medications in stock. It saves me time and ensures that I can always get the medicine I need. Highly recommended!
Clementine DuBuque Headshot
Clementina DuBuque, SVP Sales, Hoeger LLC.
I can't express how grateful I am for Cliff & Clove. As someone who relies on regular medications, it was always frustrating when a pharmacy didn't have what I needed. With this app, I can quickly check availability and plan my visits accordingly. It has simplified my life and reduced stress. Thank you, Cliff & Clove!
Kurtis Weissnat Headshot
Kurtis Weissnat, CMO, Brunlow Inc.


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Our Company

Hi, I'm Jared. I understand the frustration of not being able to find the medications I need, and I recognize this is a common problem across the country. That's why I developed an easy-to-use app that provides real-time information on prescription availability at local pharmacies. With our app, you can quickly and securely check which pharmacies near you have your prescriptions in stock, saving you time and hassle. Say goodbye to wasted trips to multiple pharmacies and hello to convenient and efficient medication shopping. Join us today and let me help you find the medicines you need, when you need them, without driving around, calling pharmacies, and hurting your routine when you can't find what you need.

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